Beach Yoga – New Surroundings

This week we celebrated the opening of Beach Yoga with a welcome practice before our official launch next month, to mark the end of winter and new beginnings for all of us. In spite of an unpromising forecast, the sun spilled into view just before we began and we were afforded warmth and sunshine throughout.

Absorbing nature’s healing benefits beneath an open sky with the soothing sound of the sea and bird song was a delightful experience. I found it a calming and energising practice that left me feeling uplifted and peaceful.

Working with the environment to facilitate an experience that was enjoyable and accessible was interesting. Some people were trying yoga for the first time whilst others had more experience but the situation remained new to everyone. One of the most beautiful things about yoga can be the ability to have a conversation with your body and get to know it better. Sometimes in doing something familiar but under a new set of circumstances, fresh dialogue can begin.

Meeting and accepting the undulations in the sand whilst negotiating the lie of the land affected the narrative within my own body. I was reminded that nothing is ever quite the same with a change of setting and that adapting to change requires a degree of flexibility. It seemed from feedback that others found the situation was agreeable and friendly, embracing its newness with enthusiasm and optimism.

I’m not sure that we can be guaranteed such a stunning day every week but perhaps this is why practising on the beach will be so special. Whatever the weather it will always be different; from the touch of the breeze on our skin to the position of the tide, the experience will be unique each time.

I am looking forward to the happy opportunity Beach Yoga offers to interact with the environment, to create magical memories and welcome fresh experiences in the future.

Crail Beach Yoga runs every Friday and Saturday 8.45 – 10.00am

To join in please see Beach Yoga in the shop.