Hot or Cold?

I can’t say that bubbles and chlorine have ever particularly attracted me. The odd spa experience was enough to reveal that I didn’t find much pleasure in it and my body slouched reluctantly against my daughter’s request to hire a hot tub for her birthday.

The weather proved to be a range of extremes over the four-day hire; from snow that fell in soft, peachy flakes to skies as bright and blue as any in the year.  The energetic hum of the water continued under the stars, accompanied by spotify and cheerful conversation that happened somewhere just out of my own reach. 

On the third day, the sun called round for an afternoon chat, the way it sometimes does and encouraged me to turn towards the waiting tub and give it a try. The sea had an appointment booked in less than an hour, so I decided that we had sufficient time ahead of my dip. 

Shining my body towards the beating brightness of sun’s cheerful chat, I closed my eyes and continued to listen until I found with some degree of surprise that I was in fact joyfully involved in the experience. After half an hour had passed, I was so relaxed that I decided to postpone my swim and stay put.  

Beginning to anticipate the next afternoon, I allocated time for an second optimal encounter. Once again, my salty commitments were pushed back and I settled with cups of lemon water and sunglasses for nearly two hours. When the tub sides began to fold in later that day, I felt a distinct pang of disappointment to see the slabs edging out from underneath once more. 

The sea was so quiet the following morning at Beach Yoga that it hardly noticed us slipping in. The skin on my shoulders smoothed out against the familiar cool embrace and the sun continued to converse in animated, colourful language. Silver spirals moved with great energy across the surface, as we spoke in contented, joyful gestures and wide-eyed smiles.

In the end it wasn’t the hot or the cold that made the experience but the arrival of the sun, the touch of the air, and the endless freedom that being outside under an open sky facilitates.