“Life is a collection of experiences that live within our mind and body.”

The origin of Curativate lies is my belief that creating a bright and healthy internal environment allows us to live a life full of colour, connection and authentic self-expression.

Curativate combines my love of natural patterns and water, design, photography, and writing with my professional and personal experience.

Curator / Designer

Laurie holds a PG Dip in Museum and Gallery Studies, University of St Andrews and a BAHons History of Art (Africa, Asia, Europe), School of Oriental and African Studies / University College London. She is an accomplished interpretation professional with decades of applied skills in curating, cataloguing and mentoring.

An ability to sense detail and communicate narrative in engaging, accessible ways means that she can encourage others to step into the role of curator with ease. Laurie brings a lifetime of experience and applied understanding of working with objects, collections and audiences.

Her layers of practical knowledge in creative processes provide great depth to her expertise as a curator and designer. Laurie’s appreciation of process as method allows for curiosity and awareness to thrive in others and is a constant feature in her work.



Laurie Bell

Somatics, Yoga and Meditation

Laurie is a certified Yoga Scotland 500 hour Teacher, with specialist training in Ayurveda and somatic therapy. This is a highly respected professional qualification, delivered by the Governing Body for Yoga in Scotland. She is a post graduate student at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation. Contributing to a vibrant programme that brings together a dynamic community of yoga professionals and researchers, Laurie enjoys balancing her academic and applied skills, writing and pursuing her research interests. 

But it is the integration of yoga, meditation and somatic study into her life over decades of dedicated practice that has deepened Laurie’s teaching in a way that study alone could not achieve. Her unique approach also draws on experience in teaching, curating, mentoring and designing.



Laurie is an STA Open Water Swim Coach and UKCC Level 2 Swimming Teacher, involved in open water swimming, artistic and competitive training since childhood. She continues to swim in lochs, rivers and the sea as often as possible and finds the touch of water on her skin runs like that of a welcome friend.

Addressing water fear is her speciality and her dedication to encouraging participation continues. Her supportive and unconventional approach towards water fear changes the relationship between water and self, to facilitate an entirely new way of being. She has designed her own Swimmers’ Yoga programme and runs Artistic training as part of her regular timetable and retreat offering. 

Water continues to influence and inform Laurie’s creative work as she incorporates themes inspired by natural rhythms and patterns.

Curativate Studio

Saturated in natural light, the Curativate Studio is a purpose built, specially designed creative space that provides a tranquil, energising environment.

Whether you enjoy a remote experience or visit us in person, our surroundings provide a calm and clear atmosphere that supports Curativate practices and activities.

The studio was designed entirely by Laurie and each and every detail reflects the character of Curativate, ensuring a peaceful and warm welcome awaits you.

Curativate Professional Services

Our professional portfolio includes projects in Cultural Tourism, Sustainable Business Management, Renewable Energy Engineering and Sustainable Health in the Workplace. 

Designing specialist programmes using calm, competent approaches allow for clear communication and creative experiences to thrive in the work setting with clients who share our values and vision for sustainable practices in the workplace. 









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