Curativate Online

“Grant yourself the tools you need to live life in full colour as your vibrant, authentic self.”

Curativate is an authentic collection of practices and activities intuitively designed to make clear sense of life and encourage a happy, healthy relationship with self.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery to create your original life concept with a focused mind and body.


Give yourself time to decide what belongs in your original life collection as the curator at the heart of your design experience.

Curativate makes clear sense of life using engaging, accessible practices that meet you exactly where you are.

Connect positively to the present, past, and future. 


Cultivate clarity as you catalogue, organise and engage to clear mind from the comfort of your own surroundings.


Grant yourself the tools you need to live life in full colour as your vibrant, authentic self.

Create clarity in action.
Cultivate calm.
Clear mind connection. 

Clear Mind Meet

Cultivate clarity and connection using clear mind and body practices surrounded by our supportive Curativate community.

What to expect?

There are no requirements or expectations at any of our meetings. We concentrate on practices and trust the personal process, with no pressure to perform.

Our collective facilitates others to find their own outcomes.

If you have concerns, please address these with me directly. 

How will it help?

Collective mentoring allows you to focus in detail on practices and activities designed to help you take action to increase self esteem, confidence and wellbeing.

Clear Mind offers the opportunity to enjoy an enlightening and engaging experience surrounded by others that provides clarity and fresh understanding to improve your relationship with self and live life in your own design.

How do I join?

To join your local collective please email 

Clear mind at work

Respectful and appropriate practices provide positive responses and support staff in a reassuring way compatible with working environments. 

Please email laurie@curativate to receive a business brochure

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Grief is for anyone who is suffering a loss of any kind. Whether you are looking for support following a bereavement or trauma, during illness or many years after a life changing event, time is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Applying an active somatic approach, sessions involve doing rather than talking therapy. Sensitive guided activities provide space to come towards memory, trauma or sadness in a way that honours your experience to provide positive engagement with emotions and sensations. We concentrate on cultivating healthy relationships with the past, present and future. 

Natural environment and walking appointments are available and our soothing space allows you to come inside and relax in a bright, welcoming environment. 

Online, evening and weekend appointments available. 

Suitable for all ages. Children under eighteen must be accompanied by an adult. 


Celebrate and honour memories with our engaging, interactive experience days. Loss is an important part of life. Memory Box provides a way to be active in the presence of grief. Designed to be an enjoyable, rewarding day for individuals and family groups to gather and collate memories. 

Suitable for all ages and stages of grief, it may also be helpful for reconciliation and as part of the healing journey following a bereavement or life event. We will engage constructively with terminal diagnosis, cultivating a space for sensitive sharing at a time of sadness. 

Larger group activities can be accommodated in the studio or a venue of your choice. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements. 

Suitable for all ages. 


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