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Run with tide and experience the joy of swimming with the Natural Swim School.

Based in the East Neuk of Fife, we provide swimming experiences designed to enhance enjoyment, cultivate confidence and promote wellbeing. 

Laurie Bell is an experienced STA Level 2 Open Water Coach and who holds UKCC Level 2 Swim Teaching and Coaching qualifications with long standing experience in recreational teaching and competitive swimming.

Wild swimming is a wonderful way to engage with the environment and offers the most naturally supportive space to learn, grow and find freedom from fear.

However you wish to explore the water, we will endeavour to provide an inclusive and fun experience for you to gain confidence and develop skills.

Whether you are looking to dip for the first time, learn new strokes or explore the East Neuk from a new perspective, you are welcome at the Natural Swim School.

Coastal Swim Safari

This guided walk and salty swim starts in Crail, unfolding the coast through Kilminning Wildlife Reserve; a species rich area of wildflowers, grasslands and birdlife. An accessible, interesting path meanders towards the hidden heel of Fife Ness. 

Arrive in the bay to embracing natural patterns for a synchronised swimming warm up practice and beach stroke session before flowing into the bright briny. Known for its clear waters and gentle floor, this nourishing swim spot will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. 

Coaching is on hand to help with every stage of swim development, whether you are looking for training tips or safe swim skills. 

Continue to harness the energy of the water as we follow the coast, climbing towards Crail with a sensory walking practice that brings awareness to our relationship with the environment and guides us back towards the village. 

Outdoor showers, changing facilities and storage are available at Curativate Studio. 

3-4 hours.

Monthly – see dates in shop

All abilities are welcome but please make me aware in advance if you are unable to swim. All coaches are fully qualified and insured to work in Open Water

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Swimming lessons

Swim Skills Level 1

Being safe and secure is the first step towards making friends with the water. Skills including safe acclimatisation, orientation and breathing form the foundations for confident and competent water skill development.

Our supportive approach concentrates on participation and fun, increasing knowledge and understanding through felt experience. 

Swim Skills Level 2

Swim Skills Level 2  is designed to develop movement and skills including sighting, breathing, rotation and orientation knowledge.

Build confidence and secure skills that encourage independent enjoyment of the water and prepare you for further swimming development. 

New to Natural Water

We begin with a mindful movement practice to warm up and bring awareness to the breath before transitioning into the water. Moving steadily forward to pay attention to changes in sensation as we increase the time spent in the water. 

Aqua Yoga 

Greet the beach with a grounding warm up practice before slipping into the sea for a dynamic sequence of synchronised movements. Experience the energising impact of moving as a group, engaging actively with sensations and environmental changes to develop strength, body awareness, flexibility and grace.



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Floating Meditation

Floating Meditation is a completely unique invitation to trust and flow with natural rhythms. A guided meditation will settle you into stillness for savasana at sea, allowing the soothing energy of the water to embrace your whole body and mind. 

One of the most powerful ways to release tension and connect intuitively to delicate natural patterns, the practice can have profound therapeutic qualities. 

Book a single session or incorporate regularly into life for increased nurturing and nourishing benefits. 

Deep water sessions and remote location settings are available on request. Please contact for further information. 



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Private Lessons

Private teaching and coaching is available and can be booked directly. These can be tailored to fit your own requirements, from stroke development to learn to swim. 

No special equipment is required. 

Private pool option is available. 

30 minutes 

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