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Run with tide and experience the joy of swimming with the Natural Swim School.

Based in the East Neuk of Fife, we provide swimming experiences designed to enhance enjoyment, cultivate confidence and promote wellbeing. 

Laurie Bell is an experienced STA Level 2 Open Water Coach and who holds UKCC Level 2 Swim Teaching and Coaching qualifications with long standing experience in recreational teaching and competitive swimming.

Wild swimming is a wonderful way to engage with the environment and offers the most naturally supportive space to learn, grow and find freedom from fear.

However you wish to explore the water, we will endeavour to provide an inclusive and fun experience for you to gain confidence and develop skills.

Whether you are looking to dip for the first time, learn new strokes or explore the East Neuk from a new perspective, you are welcome at the Natural Swim School.

Guided Coastal Walk and Natural Swim Experience, Crail

Explore the magic of the hidden corner of the East Neuk and experience two stunning sea swims with a walking leader and STA Open Water Swim Coach. 

This guided walk starts in Crail, unfolding the coast through Kilminning Wildlife Reserve; a species rich area of wildflowers, grasslands and birdlife. An accessible, interesting path meanders towards Fife Ness, before reaching our first natural swim location. Known for its clear waters and gentle floor, this nourishing swim spot will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. 

Once we are ready are move on, we will continue our journey back to Crail, through an exquisite private space to delight the senses. Arriving at our second swim spot in Crail, it time to discover a view of the historic town and the Isle of May from a different perspective. 

Outdoor showers and changing facilities are available at the end of the experience. 

Approximately 4 hours 

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EXPLORER Swims, Crail

Why not book your own experience. Perhaps you are visiting the area or keen to try something new with friends or family.

Explorer Swims are guided swimming experiences that support you to explore the coastline with confidence with a qualified and experienced STA Open Water Swim Coach with RLSS National Water Safety Award. 

Routes are carefully selected for safety and interest  and sessions can be tailored to meet your own requirements. Deep water experience and event training available. Please contact for further details.

For larger group bookings, please contact

All participants must be able to swim 50 metres comfortably.

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Swimming Groups

New to Open Water

Being safe and secure is the first step towards making friends with the water. Skills including safe acclimatisation, orientation, rotation, floating, and breathing form the foundations for confident and competent swimming development.

These lessons focus on participation and fun, increasing knowledge and understanding through felt experience.

Swim Skills

Swim skill sessions are designed to develop movement and open water skills including sighting, breathing, rotation and orientation knowledge.

Lessons concentrate on securing confident and secure swimming skills to encourage independent enjoyment of the water and prepare for further stroke development.

Stroke Development

Stroke development concentrates on developing good habits in stroke work, providing a comprehensive understanding of how to move efficiently and with confidence.

These lessons are great for people who would like to grow further swimming skills and is perfect for those who are already confident and competent in the water but wish to learn more.

Salty Synchro

Experience the health and happiness benefits of developing strength, body awareness, flexibility and grace with synchronised movement that combines water skills and breathing techniques

Concentrate your mind and body with a creative and energising experience.

Suitable for swimmers with secure and confident swim skills. If you are unsure about taking part, please contact me for an advice.

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Water Fear

Laurie’s supportive approach to addressing water fear is based on decades of experience and expertise. Having taught adults with profound fear, she has observed the devastating and limiting effects of aversion to water.

An unconventional and creative pathway towards the water’s edge seeks to create confidence and understanding through movement, breathing and body awareness in the water.

The method is to change the relationship between water and self, to facilitate an entirely new way of being.

This is the start of a joyful journey that I will support you in taking ensuring that you remain comfortable, safe and reassured throughout.

Water Fear is taught in specific locations, chosen for their suitable qualities and discreet settings. If natural water is overwhelming or unappealing, we have the option of private pool hire.

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Private Lessons

Private teaching and coaching is available and can be booked directly. These can be tailored to fit your own requirements and cover competitive coaching, specialist skill work or learn to swim for individuals.

No special equipment is required and all props will be provided.

Private pool option is available. 

50 minutes 

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