Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation Day Retreat

Welcome peace as you enter the tranquillity of Curativate Studio, home to our special private day retreat experience.

Nestled in a charming walled garden, our specially designed, purpose built environment is saturated with natural light and located less than five minutes from the exquisite Crail harbour.

Enjoy a unique Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation experience, including a magical mind and body practice overlooking the Isle of May, plus optional Design Me discovery activity.

An optional sea swim our very own stunning, secluded bay is always available. 

A day like no other, the Curativate Retreat is all about you and your original experience, captured in magical memories. 

Suitable for individuals and small private groups.

Full Day 10.30am – 4.30pm 

Half Day 10.30 – 1.30pm

Lunch is self catered and you are welcome to bring your own and settle in the studio, garden or beach. We are spoiled for choice within a 5 minute radius, whether you prefer Crail landed lobster from the The Lobster Shack, followed by Brodie’s Grannie’s for ice cream and hot drinks or delightful light meals and delicious cakes from Crail Harbour Gallery Cafe or The Beehive. There is an abundance of choice to shop locally including Greens for local fresh produce and artisan drinks and Smoke Fired Whole Foods, selling an outstanding range of whole foods, as well as catering for allergies and vegan products. 

Please bring loungewear, comfortable shoes, and swimwear if you would like to take a dip in the sea.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

“I spent the most amazing day with Laurie. We practised yoga and meditation on the beach and swam in the sea. I then had a relaxation session in the beautiful calm space that is her studio. Laurie is a great yoga teacher – encouraging and gently aiding poses. She is a great listener and helped me to discover things about myself. I highly recommend spending time Laurie’s company, she is a very special person.”

Angela, Glenrothes 

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Coastal connections 2022

Curated with care, Coastal Connections 2022 is a series of immersive interactions with the natural environment.  


Professional Exchange 2022 – 28th – 29th May Fully booked.

                Professional Exchange 2022 – 23rd – 24th September Fully booked.

If you are a teacher or mentor and would like to be added to our mailing list for training and events, please get in touch. 


Islay Insight 2022 (22nd – 25th April) Fully booked.

Please email to receive notification for upcoming Islay events.




Location and Venues

Coastal Connections 2022 is set in and around the charming fishing village of Crail, East Neuk of Fife, Scotland, home of Curativate.

Enjoying an elevated position above the historic harbour, our facilities provides a perfect base to access our thoughtfully selected stunning beach locations or practice within the peace and tranquility of a specially designed studio and yoga garden.

Rustic charm and character await at The Cow Shed, Crail. From fireside restorative yoga to energising synchronised salt circles, the space provides a welcome way to move inside and continue to connect to the coastline. 

The Isle of May is a nature reserve with a rich and fascinating history, known for its biodiversity and seabird colonies that lies just off the Crail coast. 

Accommodation and Food

Working closely with local providers at The Merchants Room and East Coast Cabin Co we have a range of delightful options from Cow Pads to garden rooms, all within a few moments walk of our venues. 

Crail offers exceptional quality and diversity with cafes and shops offering a range of fresh products and unique items.

Self directed breakfast and lunch breaks allow visitors to make the most of the surrounding amenities and choose to suit personal preference. Evening meals are enjoyed together as a group in our host restaurants and charged individually. 

Selected accommodation partners provide comfortable, compatible ways to stay at reasonable prices to suit your requirements. 

A full list of local providers will be sent with your booking. 


Explore the depth of simplicity and self-connection with energising practices and techniques that teach from the inside out.

Begin the day with a sunrise meditation towards the Isle of May before breakfast, followed by an uplifting beach movement and pranayama practice on the sand.  

Head south on the Fife Coastal Path for the standing meditation series towards Bass Rock, anchored on ancient foundations beneath our feet. 

Lunch inside one of the delightful doorstep cafes or choose to take away and settle on the harbour wall. 

A walking meditation carries us to The Cow Shed and into a restorative practice at the fireside to settle the whole system, paving the way for deep relaxation. 

Join the group for a nourishing meal together before relaxing for the evening however you wish. (Food and drinks charged individually)


Meet the morning with meditation overlooking the Isle of May. After breakfast we  make our way to The Cow Shed for synchronised sequences on the beach that cultivate warmth within.

Head north following the coastline for a picnic lunch in the hidden heel Fifeness, where white sand and soft sea floor await our arrival.

Continue the process of integrated movement and interaction with the ground through walking formations inspired by natural patterns. 

Breathing our way forward we take a step into the water together. Whether you are a regular wild swimmer or a complete beginner, we will move as one to form our salt circle in the sea and feel her energy and impact on the liquid body. 

Stay in as long as you wish or step to one side for more support and skills in the shallows. 

After warming up around the flames we move into our fire practice, harnessing the elemental energy and heat as we move and meditate together. 

Heading back to The Cow Shed for the closing celebration we will absorb the healing benefits of a deep dive relaxation practice. 

It’s time to dine in the welcoming atmosphere of our carefully selected local restaurant for delicious, freshly prepared soul food whole food. (Meals charged individually).

Practices in the water are supported by insured Open Water coaches, with lifeguard cover to ensure your safety and comfort throughout. 

DAY 3 – BLUE MIND ON THE MAY – 4th September 

Meet the morning with an extended insight meditation to cultivate and increase awareness and presence through observation. 

Placing attention on being fully engaged in experience, we prepare for the passage across the Forth with a look back towards the Crail coastline. 

Sound and sensation form the basis of mindful meditation and movement practices on the May, captured in the most tranquil and breathtaking spaces as we move around the island on foot. 

Supported by abundant wildlife and bird colonies, including the puffin community we will connect to elemental energies and engage the senses to create a clear communication with nature. 

Coming home across the water gives us the opportunity to observe pattern cycles that can help to guide life with a more mindful attitude. 

Settling straight into a delicious, soul food feast together, it’s time for a free flight writing activity in between courses ahead of the closing fire circle that concludes Coastal Connections 2022.

£625 All inclusive / Individual days £115


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