Concious Curativate

Curativate is built on stable, flexible foundations established through insight, knowledge, consistency and commitment. We know who we are.

Our system is simple but within this simplicity is infinite depth. Awaken a clear relationship with the present and just be me.

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Conscious Curativate
Inclusive Actions embedded in Conceptual Design.

Conscious of all that we do, Curativate maintains the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of our design processes and practical delivery. We aim to make our environments inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

The prolonged application involved in producing the creative body of work within Curativate required a conscious attitude from inception. We are committed to making these high standards available to as many people as possible.

As a result, we offer one free weekly place on every remote Connect course. The application process is made as simple as possible and aims to welcome people without the financial means to reach us.

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In addition, the Curativate Me programme offers one place to a young person aged 17 – 24, who would not otherwise have financial access to the resource.

Applications are welcomed from young people living in the UK and require nothing more than a genuine interest in participating. Attendees receive the benefit of a design process that will encourage them to increase their self-confidence and awareness for life. Optimising the experience, they will be mentored throughout and given the opportunity to present to a professional audience.

All you need to apply is a will to belong.

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