Cultivate an internal culture of peace and tranquillity with live 20 minute taught practices designed to deeply relax your mind and body, increase self-connection, and support a healthy nervous system.

This therapeutic relaxation course creates space for self-care using calming experiences that help to reduce stress and improve sleep.

Our original programme incorporates traditions of yoga and meditation, somatic and scientific influences to deliver a dynamic and enjoyable course.  

Specifically designed for remote access, cameras are not necessary and you will be muted throughout.

Close the day with Connect Relaxation.

“We thoroughly enjoy Laurie’s tranquil relaxation sessions in the evenings. Her soothing voice guides us through and calms the mind after a challenging day. Highly recommend.”

RB, Ayrshire

“My husband and I really enjoy the evening relaxation practice. It’s such a great way to unwind. It works really well as a virtual experience. Just get yourself comfortable, dim the lights and then listen to Laurie’s soothing voice. I really recommend this as a great way to put the day behind you. It has really helped our sleep!”

Jo, London

Evening Relaxation Therapy
Live every Monday 8pm, plus 7 day recording

Recording purchase available for 7 days (Monday – Monday)

20 minutes

£4.50 per week

Live from Curativate Studio
Weekly links will be sent by email
Cameras optional. Please remain on mute

Evening Relaxation – Lying down, floor, sofa or bed
Optional Props – Eye pillow, cushion or blanket, small cushion

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Cultivate clarity and tranquillity of mind with live 20 minute taught practices designed to increase connection and awareness, restore balance, and support a healthy nervous system.

Create space for self-care to meet daily challenges, with calming experiences that increase confidence and self-understanding.

Our original programme incorporates traditions of yoga and meditation, somatic and scientific influences to deliver a dynamic and enjoyable course.  

Specifically designed for remote access, cameras are not necessary and you will be muted throughout.

Open the day with Connect Morning Meditation.

“Connect meditation with Laurie has become as essential to me as my morning cup of coffee. I just slip out of bed, settle on my cushion, and for 20 minutes journey with Laurie on the wave of the breath. I love the way she introduces us to different meditation techniques. And it’s so nourishing. I emerge calm, vibrant and ready to embrace the day.”

Susan, London

I am so glad I joined Connect Morning Practice, it leaves me feeling calm, relaxed and energised. It puts me in a really good frame of mind at the start of the day. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and Laurie guides the sessions in a gentle, easy to follow manner.
Katie, Fife

“Laurie’s gentle guided meditation soothes the soul, clears the mind and brings everything into focus. The 7am start allows a gentle time of calm, as the sunrises, awakening, calming and clearing the mind ready for the day ahead.”

Rosemary, Argyll

Morning Meditation Practice
Daily, Monday – Thursday, 7:00 am
20 minutes
£34 month

Morning Practice – Seated, floor or chair
Live from Curativate Studio
Monthly links will be sent by email
Cameras optional. Please remain on mute

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Awake Yoga

Awake Yoga

Join me for an invigorating sensory journey, designed to freshen your mind and body.

Experience an energising whole body movement and pranayama practice that restores and revives to brighten and clarify your internal environment.

Awaken the senses using flowing, balanced yoga to strengthen self-connection and increase vitality from the comfort of your own surroundings.

Specifically designed for remote access.

6 weeks, Mondays Live Lesson 6:15 pm – 7.30 pm, plus 7 day recording.

Available as a recorded option every Monday for 7 day use. 


Start dates 19 April – 31 May – 26 July – 6 Sept – 18 Oct – 29 Nov


Live from Curativate Studio
Links will be sent by email
Camera optional. Please remain on mute
Optional items include an eye pillow, cushion or blanket

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Water, My Friend

Water, My Friend

This original design is dedicated to addressing water fear on dry land, in the reassuring, secure environment of your own surroundings.

My unconventional and supportive approach to water fear is based on decades of experience and expertise. Having taught adults with profound fear, I have observed the devastating and limiting effects aversion to water brings.

We will use gentle movement, breathing and body awareness to create confidence and understanding. My method is to change the relationship between water and self, to facilitate an entirely new way of being.

It is important to appreciate that this is not a swimming course but the start of joyful journey towards the water’s edge as you discover Water, My Friend.

Mondays, 2 – 3.15pm
Monthly meet

19 April – 26 May – 6 Sept – 18 Oct – 29 Nov

Live from Curativate Studio
Links will be emailed

Suitable for anyone who suffers from water fear, the course works best if attended regularly but is arranged so that you can come at your convenience.

This is not a swimming course and is not intended to teach you any skills associated with swimming.

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This course is offered free to anyone who is suffering grief following a bereavement, or during the illness of a loved one.

Watching someone you love suffer or coping after they die causes very painful emotions.  Our Grief course involves a deep relaxation experience to soothe your mind and body.

We hope that you find the experience helpful and please feel free to attend as many sessions as you like.

Suitable for all ages.

Mondays, 11 – 11.30 am
40 mins

May 3 – June 7 – Sept 6 – Oct 18 – Nov 29

Live from Curativate Studio
Please make sure that you are warm and comfortable
Find a place to sit back or lie down
Camera optional. Please remain on mute

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Sensory Walking

Sensory Walking

Take a walk into awareness through the senses as you connect to self and your environment with Curativate Sensory Walking, St Andrews.

Experience the benefits of combining physical exercise and mindfulness meditation and gentle yoga practice to absorb nature’s healing energy and restore balance within the mind and body.

Designed to soothe and calm your internal environment, Sensory Walking with Curativate will leave you feeling steady, grounded and refreshed. Pausing for instruction throughout the walk, Laurie will guide using gentle movement, breathing and focus to create an enjoyable, peaceful experience. 

Inspired by natural cycles and patterns in nature, this practice creates a wonderful way to engage with your surroundings, and care for your wellbeing.

Please be aware that barefoot walking is at your own risk. Approximately 2 miles.

Tuesday and Thursday 2 – 3.15pm

Meet at West Sands Cafe, West Sands beach, St Andrews

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Beach Yoga
Beach Yoga

Beach Yoga

It’s time to feel the sand between your toes and step into a fresh experience with Curativate Beach Yoga.

Enjoy a full and balanced practice that connects you to your internal and external environments, as you absorb nature’s healing benefits beneath an open sky, to the soothing sound of the sea.

A calming yet energising practice that lifts your spirits and leave a sense of peace within the mind and body.

Whether you are visiting the area or here to stay, beach yoga offers a happy opportunity to interact with your surroundings and make magical memories.

If you would like to join us for a swim after the practice at your own risk, please remember to bring your costume and be ready to dive in.

Pack your mat or towel, items to keep you cosy during relaxation and meditation, as well as something to drink, kick off your shoes and get comfortable.

Due to current Scottish government COVID 19 regulations, strict social distancing of 2m must be maintained at all times.

Crail Harbour Beach

Wednesday – Friday – Saturday 8.45 – 10.00am


“It is an extraordinary way to start your day – beach yoga with Laurie on Crail Harbour beach. It is truly a gift to yourself. You will find no better setting and no better instructor.”  Laura, Fife 

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