Relaxation Recommended

“Over recent years we have all heard about the massive benefits of meditation to our bodies and minds. Regular practice enables our brains to literally grow and subsequently develop more ability to withstand and deal with stress. I try to have a regular practice – but without a definitive schedule to stick to, more often than not my practice tends to fall by the wayside. Laurie’s classes ARE that schedule that I need. They are that warm and calm place waiting for you; inviting you to come in and make time for yourself. I have enjoyed Laurie’s evening classes – she gets you into that dreamy state between wake and sleep and holds you there. I find I look forward to her soothing and misty voice, and her attentive meditative style enables you to become highly introspective; taking you to another level of consciousness and relaxation. I would highly recommend”

Connect Evening Practice Client, Emma, Leeds.