Weekly Timetable Summer 2022

MONDAYS Beach Yoga – 9.15am (70 mins), Crail Harbour Beach TUESDAYS Sisu Sun Salutations & Peak Postures – 7.45am (45mins) , Curativate Yoga Garden (experienced practitioners) WEDNESDAYS Beach Yoga – 8.45am (70 mins), Crail Harbour Beach Garden Chair Yoga – 11am (60 mins), Curativate Yoga Garden THURSDAYS Restorative Yoga Afternoons – See calendar Private Appointments […]

A Brighter Expression

Beach Yoga, Sisu Studio Yoga, Walking Yoga and Retreat Experiences provide beautiful barefoot opportunities to connect to the ground. Kicking your shoes off can enhance breathing and movement practices as well as increasing enjoyment. As someone who spends a great deal of time earthing, it delights me to observe others rediscovering connections to their soles. […]

Patient by Nature

From my earliest memories of my Mother’s delicate neckline outlined by her Victorian natural pearls, the gold infinity closing delicately woven at the stem of soft white rounds, pearls have fascinated me. They possess a rare, timeless beauty that continues to appeal to buyers and collectors globally. My young eyes were charmed and captivated by […]