A Brighter Expression

Garden Yoga

Beach Yoga, Sensory Walking, Garden Yoga, and Day Retreat experiences provide beautiful barefoot opportunities to connect to the ground. Kicking your shoes off can enhance breathing and movement practices as well as increasing enjoyment. As someone who spends a great deal of time earthing, it delights me to observe others rediscovering connections to their soles. […]

By Hand

The envelope landed like a soft cushion on the doorstep, its belly slightly bulging with the contents, as though it meant to spill out at the earliest opportunity. I knew the writing so well; a lifetime of correspondence that age and experience did nothing to alter. Reading the words that lay on the pages between […]

Eyebrow Culture

Many ancient cultures regarded eyes as highly important, reflected in traditional iconography and symbolic representations. In Ancient Egypt, one of the metaphorical names of the Eye of Horus was the Eye of the Mind. As a civilisation they illustrated a deep commitment to exploring the intricate functions of the central nervous system in relation to […]

Proactive Attitude

It was a pleasure to provide Connect at Work to the staff of St Leonards School, St Andrews this morning, facilitating space for their community to enjoy some peace ahead of a busy, productive day. Connect at Work creates an opportunity for businesses and organisations to demonstrate a proactive, progressive approach towards supporting employees in […]